It’s time for your cleaning! Yes! Why am I so excited? I guess it’s because we accomplish so much in this short time together, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Ok, maybe not a miracle but definitely pretty great. 

So I thought you might like to know what’s behind the curtain, so to speak, when you come in for your hygiene appointment, and share some ideas with you that can help to ensure that your visit unfolds exactly as you like. 

So, you may think you are here for “just a cleaning” but it’s not just a cleaning to us. Here’s what really happens in that 50 min supercharged appointment!

-Review medical history, recording and discussing any changes, including doctor visits, medications, etc. 

-Discuss anything that might be bothering you in your mouth and do any diagnostic tests to gather information for Dr. Markle

-update any periodic and recommended x-rays

-perform an oral cancer screening and soft tissue examination

-check the condition of all teeth, existing fillings and crowns and take any intra oral photos or additional x-rays for Dr. Markle to view

-assess teeth alignment and bite in relationship to overall oral health

-record periodontal probing to aid in the diagnosis of gingivitis or periodontal disease and explain findings related to both oral health and the impact it may have on overall health. This includes measuring pocket depths, bleeding points, recession, furcations, mobility, etc.

-develop a dental hygiene treatment plan, present it to you, and review with the doctor

-administer nitrous oxide, if applicable

-perform oral prophylaxis (yeah, that’s the cleaning part-but it’s so much more!) 

-apply fluoride varnish, perform laser bacterial reduction or antimicrobial irrigation, if warranted

-polish teeth


-perform oral hygiene instructions and dispense and demonstrate any recommended tools

-clean retainers or night guards, if applicable

-periodic oral examination by Dr. Markle, if applicable

-answer any questions 

-assist you in making your next appointment, disinfect operatory, complete chart notes and sterilize instruments

-and my favorite part—-getting to know you and hopefully becoming more than your hygienist.

Whoa!! Seriously? That’s a lot, right? And I’m sure I left something out. 

But here’s the thing. We love the opportunity to provide you with the most detailed and comprehensive care available. And our goal  is for you to leave feeling like you had an excellent experience. 

And I believe that in order to make that happen for you, we need to be on time. Am I right? Because we know you have places to be!

So, in order to make the most of the time we have together, please let us know before the day of your appointment (as soon as possible, really) if there are any specific issues you would like to discuss with the doctor. The time with your hygienist is pretty much planned out to include all the above-mentioned, incredible services (thank you very much!) and we want you and Dr. Markle to have the time you both need, and deserve, to address anything unexpected or additional that has come to your attention. If you let us know in advance, we can allow time on his schedule as well, and it won’t interfere with the service we provide for you during your hygiene appointment.

Now we are talking about a well-oiled machine! 

As your dental team, we want  to offer you amazing dental health care and awesome customer service. We also want to be able to answer any questions, and for you to leave our office feeling like you had an excellent experience and are part of the family. 

Thanks for being our wonderful patients, and see you next time!

Lorna Smith, RDH